The revolution for your air conditioning system: SONAX A/C Power Cleaner AirAid

Deep within every A/C unit many micro-organisms such as yeasts, bacteria and fungi have found their perfect habitat. The consequences are nasty odours and even the occurrence of serious allergies. The use of conventional disinfectants will kill a maximum of 99.9% of the bacteria, the surviving 0.1% will reproduce themselves millions of times over in just a few hours. In so doing, extremely dangerous mutants are created – better known as multi-resistant germ.

It´s time for a revolution: with AirAid in the A/C Power Cleaner














Active mode of action, long lasting effect: Our solution is biological and non-harmful to human health. Benign cultures with the Air Aid mode of action clean the air conditioning unit as well as the ventilation system and create a healthy microflora.


Quick and easy application

With the Power Cleaner Air Aid, the air conditioning can be especially quickly and simply cleaned. The vehicle is ready to drive again after just 10 minute.


Switch on the air conditioning. Set circulation at the highest level – place can in the footwell area and spray empty with the touch of a button. The product distributes itself evenly in the ventilation system and the A/C unit.


Can be used preventively for new vehicles 

The product is recommended for the maintenance of new and used vehicles. With regular application – approximately every six months – the SONAX A/C Power Cleaner AirAid reduces the risk of harmful germ formation and prevents unpleasant odours. 








Available in four different fragrances





Our Classic

Apple Fresh

Green Lemon

Ocean Fresh