31.07.2015 SONAX wins the “auto motor und sport” paintwork polishing test

Seven paintwork polishes were put to the test by the editors - the test winner from SONAX is the only product tested to receive the rating “highly recommended”.

SONAX XTREME Polish & Wax 2 Hybrid NPT yielded outstanding results in all test areas – the editors summed up that SONAX outshone all other rival products tested. The product produces a particularly convincing gloss effect on new and weathered paint. The test winner also scored maximum points in terms of “wash resistance”. The testers found that the sealing component of SONAX XTREME Polish & Wax 2 still held after seven to eight washes in a car wash. By contrast, the protective effect of the product that came last in the test was no longer discernible after only a single wash. The results were published in edition 16 on 23 July 2015.

Convincing effect of the Sonax Hybrid formula

SONAX XTREME Polish & Wax 2 Hybrid NPT is designed as a gentle polish with a medium polishing effect for new, slightly worn and regularly maintained paintwork. The test winner uses the advanced Sonax “Hybrid Net Protection Technology” protective formula. In the paint care products of the SONAX XTREME range, inorganic and organic components combine to form a stable, strong and weather-resistant protective shield for the paint when applied. The SONAX Research & Development department established that this technology is clearly superior to conventional, purely wax-based methods, as the “auto, motor und sport” test also confirmed.

The technology from the Sonax laboratory is also used in other products in the Sonax Xtreme range: These include, for example, SONAX XTREME Polish & Wax 3 Hybrid NPT, a polish for reconditioning heavily weathered and worn paintwork, and SONAX XTREME Brilliant Wax 1 Hybrid NPT, a pure paint sealer without polish.