27.05.2015 Test triumph for SONAX XTREME Windscreen wash

The German technical monitoring body, GTÜ in cooperation with the Auto Bild magazine has tested nine current summer windscreen cleaners. The clear test winner, with the rating „highly recommended“, was the SONAX XTREME Windscreen wash, in a practical three litre container, which proved to be by far the best cleaning performance in the test field.

One other product also received the rating „highly recommended“, despite losing marks in the cleaning of typical summer dirt such as insects, six other windscreen cleaners, with significantly lower overall scores, still managed a „recommended“. One other cleaner, which showed obvious weakness in dissolving the typical summer dirt contamination, was rated by Auto Bild and GTÜ as „not recommended“.

In order to test the effect under reproducible conditions, the experts availed themselves of a test stand especially adapted for tests of this kind and used standardized test dirt. Decisive for the test results was the number of wiper strokes required to clean the windscreen of a Porsche Cayenne, so that good visibility has been restored. The comprehensive test programme also includes an assessment of the application of all test candidates. Regarding user instructions and labelling, the focus was on the accuracy of product information and instructions on health and safety, environment and disposal, as well as their legibility and clarity. The fragrance of these cleaners, which can usually be smelled in the car interior after spraying, are perceived differently by the passengers. Therefore, the windscreen cleaner fragrances were evaluated by a group of older and younger test subjects of both sexes, whereby the test products perceived as not too intensive had the advantage.

In the extensive section on compatibility, the testers assess the potentiality of the ready to use mixtures to attack the paintwork and polycarbonate, a plastic often used for the diffusers of headlights. The SONAX test winner was also exlempary in this section. A sophisticated cost analysis rounded off the windscreen cleaner test. Result: The SONAX test winner required less fluid to quickly and thoroughly clean the windscreen than the second product rated as „highly recommended“, which means significantly lower costs per cleaning.