SONAX XTREME Plastic Detailer Interior+Exterior

Cleans, maintains, protects and regenerates all plastic components and thereby ensures a subtle shine and intensive colour rejuvenation. Simultaneously conceals slight matting and fine scratches.

In the interior for cleaning and care of all plastic parts (e.g. cockpit, door trims, instrument panel, centre console, seat linings etc.). Its simple application quickly provides streak free and shining surfaces and intensively freshens up the colours.

On exterior areas it regenerates, protects and preserves all unpainted plastic parts (e.g. bumpers, trims, door handles etc.), covers up finer scratches and dull spots.

In the engine compartment it is the fast and uncomplicated solution to restore the shine and to protect all the plastic components there.

Артикул 02552410
Объем 500 мл

Дополнительная информация:


  • Silicon containing, solvent free maintenance for all plastic components in vehicle interior and exterior areas
  • Freshens up the colours and lends a subtle shine
  • Covers up matting and fine scratches


  • Just one product for all plastic parts on the entire vehicle
  • Fast and easy application
  • Cleans, maintains protects and regenerates in one operation


  • Spray product onto a SONAX Microfibre Care Pad and apply thinly onto the surfaces to be treated.
  • Wipe over with a clean cloth, if required.
  • For engine compartment preservation the product can be sprayed directly and evenly onto the plastic parts in the clean engine compartment. Any water rests present on the plastic surfaces are no problem here.