SONAX XTREME Ceramic Paint Protect

SONAX XTREME Ceramic Paint Protect covers the paintwork with an extremely resilient and long lasting coating and ensures an excellent beading effect. The paintwork is optimally protected, the adhesion of dirt, insects and de-icing salt is significantly reduced. This simplifies the cleaning many times over. The highly transparent sealant deepens the brilliancy of the paintwork colours, it gleams in a long lasting and mirror-like shine. For all new and nearly new paintwork or paintwork pre-treated with polish, standard and metallic paints.

Артикул 02479410
Объем 240 мл

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  • 9 months long term protection
  • Excellent water beading effect
  • Simplifies the cleaning – dirt is easier to remove


  • 3 stage sealing set for durable shine and protection
  • Includes Application Sponge for stage 3: Gloss Sealing


PREPARATION: Wash the vehicle thoroughly with plenty of water and shampoo and remove residual dirt contamination like insects, tree sap or tar spots e.g. with SONAX Clay Ball. If necessary, polish the paintwork to a high gloss.
CLEANING: Shake “Cleaner 1” can. Spray thinly onto the paintwork surfaces, treating only part sections (1/2 of a bonnet max.). Wipe off immediately and thoroughly with a clean and dry Microfibre cloth.
PROTECTION: Remove the safety ring under the applicator on the “Basis Sealant 2” can. Firmly press the can with the applicator vertically downwards onto the paintwork surface for 1-2 seconds, to optimally saturate the applicator cloth with the sealant. Apply the sealant evenly and thinly with the impregnated applicator cloth. Be sure to work extensively, treating the entire paintwork surface! Important: Treat only part sections of half a square metre maximum (e.g. ¼ of the bonnet) at one time. Allow the treated part sections to air dry for 15-30 seconds, depending on the ambient temperature. When the cloth dries out refill the applicator by firmly pressing it vertically downwards again for 1-2 seconds, so that the cloth is impregnated with the sealant once more.  Remove any excess sealant afterwards with a microfiber cloth and polish out to a streak free finish.
SHINE: Shake the “Gloss Sealant 3” can. Spray a little sealant onto the enclosed Application Sponge (yellow side). Distribute over connected part sections (half a bonnet max.) and allow to air dry for 1-2 minutes. Wipe over to a streak free finish with a clean and dry microfibre cloth. If there is an irregular colour impression or dried out sealant residues, apply fresh product and wipe off immediately.

PLEASE NOTE: Use only on paintwork surfaces. Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot paintwork surfaces. Be careful with respray work, first test the paintwork for compatibility. Protect against extreme cold. The vehicle should not be washed for three full days after the sealing. Do not polish the vehicle, as that would remove the sealant!